Thursday 5 August 2010

Unidentified insects

I am going to have to hit the books down at the Centre to try and find out what these two are.  The orange headed fly was seriously large - at least as big as the largest Bumble bee.  It was quite scary.  I wasn't sure whether to take its picture or run for cover.  Hence the blurry image.

The wasp-like insect on the left could be a species of Sawfly (perhaps Mellinus?) whereas I am proud to say that the big chap on the right is Tachina grossa - the largest fly in Europe.  No wonder I was scared.

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  1. Carl - my landlord and Islay's foremost part-time wannabe Dipterist got most enthused by your Tachina Grossa. After much searching around his fly library and the internet, it turns out there is a Tachinid recording scheme ( and they have only a handful of records for Scotland, so you and Malcolm are holding some valuable data!