Sunday 22 August 2010

Balulive to Bunnahabhain

It was a glorious day for a walk yesterday (as well as for the air show) and I saw some beauties on my walk from Balulive to Bunnahbhain. Here is my first Islay toad, Red Admiral, Dor Beetle and a funghus which I haven't identified. I thought it was Jew's Ear fungus because it does look kind of like an ear, but that apparently grows on elder branches and this was growing on the ground. Any ideas anyone?



  1. It's one of several species of fungi belonging to the genus Peziza. As Wikipedia says, you usually need a microscope to distinguish between them, while they are mostly of "unknown edibility"!


  2. I like the toad! Next time I am on Islay, we will look for more.

    Lorna x