Thursday 19 August 2010


There are a number of gullies, clefts in the hillside running down to the sea on the south side of Kilchiaran Bay.  One of them has around half a dozen Fulmar's nests on its south side - and it is narrow enough to be able to sit on the north side and take pictures.  The well grown chicks were all on their own today (unfortunately), the adults all being away at sea.  The last time I had been the adults were wheeling about, coming up to the nest and turning away again, as Fulmars do.  There was even a very graphic display of an adult feeding the chick - but of course I did not have the big lens with me then....

I sat and waited for the adults to appear for an hour or so - but no sign.  A Chough came down and landed nearby, and a Wren kept me company for a while, both of which were just within range of my 400mm lens.  There was a Grey seal mooching about in the next bay along, and a series of Rock Doves hurtled by, but as there was still no sign of any adult Fulmars putting in an appearance I decided to move on to Portnahaven to see if the seals were on the rocks in the harbour. But not today.


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