Thursday 5 August 2010

Tachina grossa

Found some excellent pictures of the fly Tachina Grossa taken in the Netherlands, including a splendid close-up of its head.  Sadly my own shots were all out of focus.  The fly was found in Bruaich Jerich behind Port Charlotte.

Malcolm was given some dead specimens in 2005 from Gruinart House.

The fly is parasitic on large, usually hairy, caterpillars - of species such as the Fox moth and the Oak eggar.  The larvae feed on the caterpillar and then the adult fly emerges from the pupa.

Photo Leyton Williams-Davies;  Headshot - Piet Spaans



  1. I noticed my first Tachina Grossa this week at the RSPB Campsfield Reserve on the Solway and could not identify it. The nearest I could find in my guide was the Noon Fly. Thanks. Will send my photo to the blog.

  2. Thanks Chris - it really is a most impressive machine when first encountered is it not? I have certainly never seen anything like it before. I look forward to your pictures!!

    Many cheers