Friday 30 November 2012

Yet another dawn

I make no excuses for posting yet another sunrise photo taken from Bruichladdich. This is what I see as I sit at my desk. I'm beginning to wonder if there isn't a volcano somewhere over there! I should add that I have not made any colour adjustments.

Thursday 29 November 2012

The Eastern Hinterland

A couple of weeks ago I traversed boggy moorland between Sanaigmore and Gruinart. On Monday my friend Jane and I ventured further east to visit land which I suspected had seldom been subjected to the weight of human feet. With low late November light I stopped often to take photographs of the late autumn colours; it really was magnificent. We passed Loch Laingeadail with its tiny crannog and Loch an Fhir Mhòr which is where my theory that we were almost on uncharted territory fell apart - for what did we come across but a veritable ruined settlement. Apparently it dates from the 19th century and comprises 5 buildings with remains of wall also extant. This little settlement is well worth a visit for it has a huge slate lintel above the fireplace and tiny stone cupboards built into the remaining walls. Trouble is, you have to traipse across sinky bog to reach it. Oh well! I apologised to Jane for telling a lie - I'd asked whether she wanted to come on a boring, featureless and boggy walk; she'd agreed - on that basis - and it turned out to be boggy, yes, but also full of features and definitely not boring. We saw Snipe, Raven and Stonechat, very interesting, colourful fenceposts, goose droppings and lots of lichens. Who's up for another 'boring' walk! For more information on the crannog on Loch Laingeadail, visit For more information about the ruined settlement near Loch an Fhir Mhòr, see

Crannog on Loch Laingeadail

Ruins near Loch an Fhir Mhòr

Red Deer running towards Sanaigmore

Goose droppings in an unusual place

Fencepost (the first for a while!)

Flavoparmelia caperata

Cladonia portentosa ('Reindeer Moss')

Another Cladonia sp

Wednesday 28 November 2012

Another dawn

Spectacular skies continue to appear. This morning's seen from Bruichladdich was worth two photos.

Sunday 18 November 2012

A selection of shots from the 'Islay Sessions' this weekend

November evening in Bowmore

Fuel tanker - Onyx

Fuel tanker 'Onyx' off Port Charlotte this week after delivering heavy fuel oil to Bruichladdich Pier for Islay's distilleries

Rainbow - near Airigh Ghuaidhre - Storakaig this morning

Boat Winch - Port na h-Eirinn - Rhinns

Port an Eas - Ardnish - Rhinns

Millstones - Ardnish - Rhinns

Mill - Ardnish - Rhinns

'Modern' grave slabs - Nerabus

Clan Donald Graveslabs

Nerabus - maintained by Finlaggan Trust

Fishing Hut - Port an Uisge - Rhinns

Autumn Leaves - Port Charlotte

What does this presage?

Time will soon tell whether this dawn picture from Bruichladdich presages a nice day (as forecast) or something more cataclysmic!

Sunday 11 November 2012

Fungi - Lorgba, Port Charlotte

Fungi growing in our 'lawn' at Lorgba in Port Charlotte - Carl

Barnacles at Ballitarsin

Just a small part of a colossal flock of Barnacle geese that were disturbed by shots at Ballitarsin this morning.

Scary Loch Indaal

Two rather scary pictures of Loch Indaal in threatening weather - taken yesterday.  Neither have been processed at all - they are straight off the HTC - which does tend to exaggerate the contrasts a bit....  Carl

Blacksmith workshop - Pennycraig

Three phone pictures of John Calderwood's old blacksmith workshop by the road at Pennycraig, 2kms north of Bowmore.