Tuesday 3 August 2010

Hoverfly - Syrphus vitripennis or Syrphus torvus



  1. This is a Syrphus sp., NOT Eriozona. In Eriozona, vien R4+5 is strongly dipped so that the cell rs is narrowed at the base and then suddenly widens towards the end of the wing. However, the photo shows that this cell widens evenly towards the wing tip. Also, E, erratica is a a more orange coloured species with a shiny thorax, not dull bronzy-green like this. It is a female (eyes separated) and you can just about make out that the hind femur is dark - so it is either S. vitripennis or S. torvus, but you cannot tell those apart from a photo.

  2. Thanks for info. Stuart. Glad we got others correct!