Wednesday 24 November 2010

Kilchiaran earlier this evening

A couple of snaps taken down at Kilchiaran earlier this evening.  I had gone over hoping to get some shots of deer around the Gearach or at Octomore, but the place was crawling with men dressed in combat trousers and carrying guns.  Unsurprisingly I didnae see a thing, so I headed down to the beach as the light was disappearing.  The top shot was taken by resting the wee Canon point and shoot on a stone in the middle of the burn, and then using a very long exposure with a delayed shutter.  For the second shot the camera was resting on a rock at the side of the beach, on manual, with a delayed shutter and the aperture set at minimum, which in the case of the SX200IS is f8.  The exposure time was 8 seconds...

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