Saturday 15 January 2011

Chough Shed

A few years ago now, SNH, in conjunction with local farmers, erected a number of wooden sheds in places around Islay where it was thought that Choughs might be a bit short of nest sites.  Choughs are 'naturally' cave nesters, but have adapted to use old buildings on Islay.  In recent years, the number of suitable buildings has fallen - not least because many of the old properties have been refurbished - and are no longer suitable for Choughs...  Hence the Chough shed idea.

This one is at Bolsay - on Bob Paget's croft.  They provide useful shelter for animals, potential storage for the farmer, and have these platforms built into the rafters which make ideal Chough nest sites.  I don't know if Choughs have taken advantage of this one yet - although there are signs of Swallows having been here last summer.

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