Monday 24 January 2011

Cirrus and Barnacle Geese

It has already been noted that I am taking a temporary break from fenceposts and concentrating on clouds. This is entirely due to one of the best Christmas presents ever - a book on clouds by the founder of the Cloud Appreciation Society. It is excellent and is to blame for my having my eyes on the skies since Christmas and what a wonder they are! I think they're still natural history so bear with me . . .

This beautiful wispy specimen is a Cirrus cloud. Cirrus inhabit the higher altitudes of the troposphere (sky) and consist of falling ice crystals. They look as if they've been spun from the finest celestial silk - according to Gavin Pretor-Pinney that is - and I couldn't agree more!

The Barnacle Geese were also enjoying the bright skies at Kintra on that day, but we didn't see any Canada Geese. There had been two present the previous week. There's a plethora of hybrid sub-species of Canada Goose and I wouldn't want to say which one it was that is currently present on the island


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