Saturday 3 July 2010

Water bugs and beetles

These were found in the pond at Lorgba - which is only tiny, although quite deep - with its edge defined by a tractor tyre. The Water cricket (Velia caprai) is the handsome chap with orange sides. I am unsure what the water beetle is. Any suggestions? The beetle comes to the surface regularly to breathe by sticking its abdomen through the surface film and staying there for about five seconds - as can be seen in the photo - then zooming back down to the bottom.



  1. There are at least 30 different water beetles known from Islay, and that's not including the ones with long swimming legs - the water boatmen. There's a book in the Centre Library called 'A Key to the Adults of British Water Beetles' by C.E.Friday. You *might* be able to find it in there!

    There is only one records of a water cricket in our database (!) - but freshwater invertebrates are yet another neglected group!


  2. One site referred to these as Lady water bugs, but I’m not 100% sure if this is correct. When I was a kid growing up we had a 40 foot long swimming pool and these would be in our pool. I became absolutely fascinated with them because they breathe air through a bubble on the ends of their bottoms. It’s been a long time so forgive my lack of knowledge on these little dudes, but thanks for this it brings back good memories! (Yes I was a weird kid, and still weird adult! I like bugs that can breathe through their butts under water, so what!? 😂