Tuesday 20 July 2010

Bug Hunt at Port Mor

We had an excellent turnout at Port Mor today - with around four families containing an awful lot of bug hunters.  Happily there were lots of bugs to hunt, including this very friendly snail, which I guess is not really a bug but it came along for the ride anyway.

Fiona gave us a talk on how to be the right colour to be hard to find if you are a bug, and also how to catch bugs using nets and swishing them through the grass.  When we caught something we put it into bug boxes which had built-in magnifying glasses so that we could see them better.  Then we looked them up in a book to try and identify them.  When we had finished with them we let them all go. 

Fiona has a website, which is very properly called Green Bug Productions which sells her Wildlife Discovery Packs

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