Thursday 15 July 2010

Trochulus striolata

A little snail on a leaf. Not being an expert on snail classification I did a sort of identify-a-snail quiz thing and Trochulus striolata, is what came up on viz

- Trochulus striolata (C. Pfeiffer 1828)
Description: 6.5 - 9 x 11 - 14 mm. Shell slightly depressed convex and conical above, flattened below, with 6 convex whorls which have moderately deep sutures. The last whorl is slightly angled at the periphery, and often encircled by a pale and more opaque spiral band. The umbilicus is medium (one-eighth to one-fifth of width of shell); mouth elliptical, slightly flattened below, with a slightly reflected lip below, and strengthened within by a conspicuous white rib. Shell opaque or slightly translucent, with coarse and irregular growth ridges, and hairless when adult, but slightly hairy when young. Colour variable from dark red-brown to creamy-yellow.
Habitat: Woods, hedges, roadsides and waste ground; gardens (widely spread by man). Usually in damp and shaded places.


  1. Where was it? The species is recorded from Islay but only from 7 of our 13 10-km squares, so it might be a new square record. We currently have records from NR15, NR25, NR27, NR34, NR35, NR36, NR46, so none from NR24, NR26, NR37, NR45, NR47.
    By the way, the specific name seems to have changed from female to male, so it is now "striolatus"!


  2. Bridgend. Next to the Factors house