Thursday 1 July 2010


Yes, as Carl said, it rained last night and this morning - to the tune of 21 mm (or getting on for an inch), the most since 24 mm on 31st May. And total rainfall for the whole of June was just 23 mm which is way below average. These figures come from Islay airport where there is a fully equipped automatic weather station. Go to: and there you can find forecasts, current weather and history (i.e. past records), and you can select max and min temperatures, wind direction and strength, precipitation, etc.

The data only go back to late 2001, when the met station was set up. But looking at the June figures for 2002 to 2009 reveals that the average rainfall in those eight years was 90 mm, with a range of 59 to 127! It's certainly been dry this year.


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