Sunday 25 July 2010

George Robertson to judge Wildlife Photography Competition

Lord George Robertson of Port Ellen has kindly agreed to undertake what is evidently going to be the tricky task of judging the INHT Wildlife Photography Competition.  The Competition has already attracted a good number of very high standard entries.

George is well known as a local photographer and his book 'Islay and Jura' is published by Birlinn.

There is plenty of time to enter - the competition does not close until October 29th 2010.  Please send either to:

or pop in and see us at the Centre.

The  competition is open to everyone - and there are no rules apart except that the photograph must have been taken on Islay (although not necessarily recently) and be of some aspect of the natural world.

First prize in the competition will be a bottle of Bruichladdich whisky.

A selection of entries, including the overall winner, will be published on this blog.  Copyright of all photographs will remain with the photographer.

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