Tuesday 13 July 2010

Bar-tailed godwits

We have had an over-summering flock of these waders numbering around 100 birds this year - spending much of their time feeding out on the vast sandflats of Loch Indaal at low tide and then roosting at Gartmain. Godwits have always had a particular attraction for me and I was pleased to see that the flock had increased very substantially in number - I counted 178 birds when I climbed off my bike to check them this morning. The birds that have been here all summer were all in non-breeding plumage - but I noticed that a scattering of the flock today were showing signs of their summer plumage - so they are probably individuals returning from the breeding grounds.

I have never been able to get anything like close enough to the Islay birds to get a decent shot - just one or two soft digiscoped pics a few years back so I contacted our good friend Jim Cassels from Arran to see if he minded us using some of his. Some of us will remember Jim and his wife Angela coming to Islay last November to give a fascinating talk on the Galapagos.

The Arran Naturalists Trust is rather different to the INHT - it does not have its own building and much of its energy is spent on the Arran Wildlife Festival which happens every May.

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Godwits Photo - Jim Cassels

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