Wednesday 23 February 2011

"You must be joking!"

This was what my dog said to me today when I asked him to search the seaweed along the Uiskentuie Strand for any dead birds. This weekend is the national Beached Bird Survey run by the RSPB and I usually cover the two miles of the Strand. Merlin has proved adept this winter at finding dead things - several Guillemots, two Great Northern Divers, a Lesser Spotted Dogfish and a cat being among his finds. However, he was not amused at my command (more like a request, really) to search the substantial piles of seaweed that have been washed up by the spit in the last week or so.
You must be joking!

Nothing yet, and I am trying

There could be something here - how deep do you want me to dig?

Ok. Job done.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks Malcolm... If Merlin found a tennis ball in that seaweed it's because our dog lost it there!