Saturday 19 February 2011

Three more Bullocks in the Shorefield

The three new bullocks for the Shorefield had to have their passports checked today, which essentially meant putting them into the 'crush' so that they can have their ear tags checked and the numbers recorded.  Every movement of cattle has to be logged. 

 Reading the ear tags of Highlanders is not that easy - because they get covered in the long hair - hence the need to get then into the crush so that they can be safely seen.

Once that all-important job was done it was time to load them into the 'float' for the short trip from Octomore to the Shorefield.  All this is being done in pouring rain of course...

All went very well up to this point and they quite cheerfully entered their new home with the minimum of fuss.

This did not last long however, as very shortly after this photo was taken they decided to take a wee trip into Bruichladdich - and hopped over a wall.  Happily we managed to head them off before they got to the Mini-market...

The rest of the afternoon was spent further reinforcing some of the walling using stobs and rails.  We left them a wee while ago and have to hope that they will chill out and realise that the coziest place to spend the night is tucked up in the middle of some nice gorse bushes with their new pals...  

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