Wednesday 2 February 2011

Pre-war Port Charlotte

Photo: The Museum of Islay Life

This photo, from the Archibald Cameron collection, shows Port Charlotte some time before the second world war.  There are of course no cars to be seen, but you can just make out a horse and cart stood in from of the unpainted house in the right of the picture.  The hotel does not look all that salubrious.  The buildings between the hotel and the sea wall were a bakery I believe, possibly with a garage attached.  They burnt down in the 1950's and were replaced by a series of stone-built sheds which were used to house Council vehicles.  We demolished them in 1995.
The bungalow that now sits on the seashore in front of the hotel was originally based on an ex-RAF hut which was brought from the airport after the war.  The building that is now Rona's house has not been converted at this point.  Also, the hotel garden, which legend has it was appropriated by a previous proprietor from the village green, was still part of the village green!

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