Monday 21 February 2011


Hello all. Walked the northern half of the Big Strand today as part of a beached birds survey. Didn't see many beached birds, but did see the following...

28 Lapwing
68 Dunlin
3 Sanderling
17 Ringed Plover
3 Rock pipit
2 dead sheep
1 dead deer
1 dead seal
A whole heap of sea potatoes and sea urchins
4 men's trainers (none matching)
2 footballs
1 volleyball

and this big chap pictured below, dead on the beach. We had a few smaller Spider Crabs in the Natural History Centre last year, but couldn't keep anything this size, it was pretty huge



  1. I once found a dead badger on the Big Strand! Presumably drifted across from Kintyre or northern Ireland as they don't occur (alive) on Islay.

  2. What, not a single glove, only men's trainers? Surely that can't be right.