Saturday 12 February 2011

Bill Oddie writes to the Ileach as part of anti-snare campaign.

Dear Editor,

I am writing to make readers of the Ileach Newspaper aware that the Scottish Parliament will decide whether or not to end the snaring of animals on Wednesday 2 March

77% of people in Scotland want an end to snaring. I have pledged my own support to this important campaign by making a video for OneKind, a Scottish animal protection charity campaigning to end snares. Snares are indiscriminate traps that often catch protected animals such as badgers and otters, and even domestic animals like cats and dogs. Snares are cruel and cause great pain and distress to the animals they catch.

I am asking kind-hearted readers on Islay and Jura to visit and choose a way to help. You can change your online ‘avatar’ on sites like Facebook, to the ‘love animals, hate snares’ logo, or at the click of a button you can also send a special Valentine’s Card to your local MSPs asking them to vote for an end to snaring.

I’m confident that people in Scotland will lead the way for the rest of the UK by choosing to end the cruel and outdated practice of animal snaring.

Many thanks,

Bill Oddie,

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