Tuesday 22 February 2011

Photos from Bowmore Distillery

This is part of a collection of photographs donated to the Museum of Islay Life by Bowmore Distillery in 1998.  We do not have a record of the photographer's name, which is a great shame as whoever he (she?) was these are quality images taken by a skilled hand.  Can anybody help?  Does anyone recognise any of the folk in the pictures?
The fishing boats will have been engaged in the annual Fishing Boat Race in Port Ellen.  The Crawfish are very impressive specimens, and the boy with the jar of tiddlers is on the shore in Bowmore harbour.


  1. The man third from the left on fishing boat CN 132 seems to be holding a film camera and be filming?
    I wonder if that footage still exists?

  2. The Fishing boat CN132 Is the Radiance. she was owned by John Baker from port ellen. maybe he would be ableto give an input as to where the illusive footage may be...

    1. The Radiance is going out of Port Ellen, boat race about 1976/1978 i would think.The hill in the back ground is the Ard.