Thursday 17 February 2011

New bullocks for the Shorefield

Three of these handsome chaps are destined for the Shorefield Project.  They were born and bred down in Portnahaven, but have made the long journey up to Port Charlotte (all seven miles of it) and are pictured enjoying a little breakfast after having had a check over and a precautionary dosing at Octomore.  They will be introduced into the Shorefield during the next couple of days.  That will make a wee 'fold' of five bullocks there - which is where we will leave it for a while.  We would not want to create undue strain on the place - or put the noses of the local Roe deer out of joint...
Herds of Highlanders are not called herds - they are called 'folds'.  I have no idea why...


  1. Where is the Shorefield and what is the project? And whose cattle are they?
    Must presume that as Linda Dean can see them from her house it is Bruichladdich but the wall and field do not look like the ground across from Linda's house.
    Peggy, Keills. (formerly Bruichladdich!)

  2. Hello Peggy
    Check out the links at the top of the blog for some background on the Shorefield project. Shorefield is the name of George Jackson's house - and they are on George's ground...