Monday 24 June 2013

Sea slugs and Sea squirts

The spring tide means the biggest difference between low and high tide creating the perfect environment for keen rockpoolers such as myself and mum (Becky). This weekend was such a time, and our morning (and neglected lunch) were consumed with a thorough exploration of the sub littoral zone at Bruichladdich. This area, the very low shore and shallows, is a treasure trove for tiny gems often overlooked in rockpooling expeditions. These include sea spiders, sea slugs, sea sponges and sea squirts, all of which we found (with the exception of the sea spider this time). You may also remember 'Benny the Blenny' from last year, who I am pleased to report returned to our bucket and can be visited in the visitor centre sea tank once again! Here are some photos of our finds. I will post sea slug photos upon identification, and also add a species list in the mean time.
Orange lights sea squirt

Star ascidian. These come in beautiful variations.

Unidentified sea squirt

Ascidiella scabra

Unidentified sea squirt


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