Monday 10 June 2013

Ardnave Nature Ramble, 10th June 2013

It was the first day in a fortnight that we needed jackets, but there were 6 additional, enthusiastic ramblers for today's ramble. Undeterred by wind and mobbing birds, we plodded on, noting the profusion and vivacity of the flora in particular. Butterfly species were thin on the ground, not surprisingly with the wind, but birdlife abounded and we heard a story of a personal encounter with an adder. Welcome back, Lorna and thanks for the photos!

Common Gull (plus nests and chicks), Arctic Tern (nesting), Redshank (nesting), Oystercatcher (nesting), Ringed Plover (nesting), Curlew, Pied Wagtail, Wheatear (juv), Skylark, Meadow Pipit, Chough, Jackdaw, Mute Swan, Tufted Duck, Sand Martin, Lapwing, Pheasant, Lesser Black-backed Gull

Germander Speedwell, Heath Speedwell, Meadow Buttercup, Wild Thyme, Thrift, Meadowsweet (leaves), Water Cress, Water Mint, Marsh Lousewort, Milkwort, Brooklime, Bird's-foot Trefoil, Dove's-foot Cranesbill, Common Storksbill, Marsh Marigold, Silverweed, White Clover, Lesser Trefoil, Daisy, Mouse-ear Chickweed, Marsh Thistle, Creeping Thistle, Spear Thistle, Sea Milkwort, Cuckoo Flower, Tormentil, Common Nettle, Ribwort Plantain, Sea Plantain, Carnation Sedge, Bracken, Horsetail, Butterwort

Xanthoria parietina (bright yellow/orange on rocks), Ramalina sp (grey/green fruitose on rocks)

Green-veined White butterfly, Small Copper butterfly

Ramblers at Ardnave Loch

Germander Speedwell (Veronica chamaedrys) - a splendid display of this tiny flower this year.

Marsh Lousewort (Pedicularis palustris) - about a foot high - the tallest I can remember seeing.

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