Wednesday 26 June 2013

An Carn, lost village on Jura

On my last day on Jura we visited the ruined village of An Carn. It's a long way from anywhere - 4 miles from Barnhill and about 20 from Craighouse. Park at the road end and head across tussocks, scrubby woodland and bog to the coast. You will be rewarded for your exertion, as we were, with fine views of the Sound of Jura and a poignant reminder of life gone by in the form of several ruined houses and some excellent cup marked rocks. It was a day full of both social and natural history. What a wonderful place Jura is!

An Carn village, Jura

Cup-marked Rock, An Carn

Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary, An Carn

Pregnant Lizard

Reed Bunting

Scaly Male Fern  (Dryopteris affinis) at An Carn
Forester Moth (Adscita statices)


  1. Nice Forester, Becky - I've still to see one!

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