Thursday 27 June 2013

Centre activities

Lots has been happening at the visitor centre. Apart from finding two escaped crabs this morning, the ladybirds are either in the pre-pupa instar or have already pupated! In less than two weeks we will have newly hatched two spot ladybirds. I'm excited about watching their elytra (wings) gain the familiar red and black colouration which can take hours, and will deepen with age. We also have the highly anticipated 'big fish', which this year is a Ballan Wrasse - the UK's largest in the wrasse family. To add to the excitement, on a recent walk to Proaig, mum (Becky) found loads of tiny peacock caterpillars, so brought some to rear here. They have already grown from the teensy lines they were on Tuesday.

Pre pupa ladybirds with one pupa in the centre.
Ballan wrasse and company!

Feasting peacock caterpillars

Updated ladybird display with 'Pull my leg' and lifecycle.

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