Friday 27 July 2012

Rockpooling at Bruichladdich

Surprisingly there were no takers for the Kilchiaran ramble today. Lorna and I went rockpooling at Bruichladdich instead and have been discovering a whole new world under the rocks we usually turn over and discard as being devoid of life - how wrong we were! Watch this space for potentially yawn-worthy information about sea squirts and sponges! Meanwhile, here's a taster of what you're missing when you fail to look closely or turn over a stone on the shore. Becky

Baby shore crab

Small brittlestar

Myxilla incrustans Sponge

Hymeniacidon perleve (Estuary sponge) 

Sea Sponge/mat

These mating Shore Crabs were not amused when we disturbed them! We quickly left them to it!

Leucosolenia botryoides

Hymeniacidon perleve

Leptasterias muelleri (Northern starfish)

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