Tuesday 17 July 2012

Family Activity Session - Pond Dipping

I barely thought it worth turning up for today's activity session when the rain started to descend, but how wrong I was. First one car, then another pulled up, all full of eager children dressed in a variety of veritable fishing gear! Then came the minibus and Sheila with her Little Angels. George and Megan donned their waterproofs and joined us up at the ponds where we had a curtailed pond dipping session. We found a dragonfly nymph, a Water Scorpion, Greater and Lesser Water Boatmen and another water beetle - possibly a Diving Beetle, oh and some sort of thin worm too. It was actually difficult to tear the children away from their mud-laden nets after an hour of dredging the pond! Thanks to George and Megan for allowing us the use of their pond and for bringing fresh water when we needed it!

Catching mud!

Water Scorpion

Looking at our finds

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