Saturday 7 July 2012

Bruichladdich Rockpooling Galore 5 July 2012

Niall, Lynda, Isi and I had a fantastic time wandering the shallows and turning over rocks at Bruichladdich on Thursday. Niall particulary enjoyed chasing after Common gobies while encountering countless Hermit Crabs, while Lynda, Isi and I discovered lots of mysterious creatures under rocks, many a challenge to identify. We spent the lowest part of the tide at Bruichladdich before continuing to Port Mor.

Hymeniacidon perleve - often found alongside Breadcrumb sponge.

Ascidiella aspersa - sea squirt

Corella parallelogramma - sea squirt

The star ascidian - our most beautiful species of sea squirt.

Eggs of the Nucella lapillus (pictured next to edible periwinkle.)

My favourite - the Breadcrumb sponge! There is something about its little craters and squidgy texture I find endearing.

Complete Species List

Common starfish, 15 spined stickleback, paddle worm, ragworm, lugworm, chiton, common limpet, periwinkle, flat winkle, rough winkle, dog whelk, common mussel, sandhopper, common acorn barnacle, butterfish, common goby, worm pipefish, flatfish, sprat, shore crab, snakeslock anemone, beadlet anemone, breadcrumb sponge, common prawn, common shrimp, oppossum shrimp, common hermit crab, common jellyfish, coiled tube worm, keel worm, star ascidian, nucella lapillus (eggs), corella paralellogramma, ascidiella aspersa, common saddle oyster (empty).


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  1. Oh I have Disney's "Under the Sea" stuck in my head..again!