Tuesday 31 July 2012

Cake, Paint and Bottle lids!

What a caterpillartastic time we've had at the visitor centre today! As part of the Big Butterfly Count, we held a butterfly themed crafty morning, where children (and adults) joined in making butterfly cakes, - scrumptious - bottle lid caterpillars and some very artistic butterflies for our competition. The winner at the end of the season will get a Bugs Production pack, for some serious wildlife watching! I've stayed in the centre this afternoon (tidying up! It's been tough resisting the spare cakes.) while mum (Becky Williamson) and Fiona MacGillivray have led a butterfly counting adventure at Killinallan, and 'Flower Power'. Stay tuned for more on that! Thank you to everybody who came!  Lorna

Artists at work

You only left one for me, Isi?!

An extinct butterfly cake

It was brilliant, messy and fun!

Two of many hatched caterpillars today!

The masterpieces


  1. What colourful butterflies, yummy cakes and cute catterpillars! Looks like so much fun!!

  2. Thanks Lorna and Becky for a really fun morning - the kids loved it! Thanks also to the tolerant starfish!