Thursday 12 July 2012

Feeding time antics

Feeding time in the tank is always a highlight of my day.I couldn't help notice, as I approached with today's breakfast, that the creatures have started to associate my presence with food, particularly the Scorpion Fish, whose eyes are extremely swift to follow the direction of my hand. I now have to be extra aware of this speed of lightning species when lowering my arm in if I want to keep all my fingers! It really is a joy though. I could never get bored of the satisfaction of a Piecrust Crab as they rather clumsily land upon their prize, or the Three -bearded Rockling gently tugging its prey out from my grip. It's fascinating to watch the sea anemones draw their meal (usually defrosted prawns) into their centre, where their stomach lies in wait. The Velvet Crab has been surprisingly tolerant in his bustling community, but sends his paddled legs flying at the sight of his favourite food (again, prawns); surely a contender for the crustacean olympics! Here's some photos from just after today's feed. I still have all my fingers.

"Oi, gimme some mussel!"

Beautiful carapace of one of our 5 Piecrust Crabs. Can you spot the pregnant prawn in the background?

Mr Velvet Crab has nothing to be crabbit about!

A prey's-eye-view: I'm thinking of calling our smallest Long spined Sea Scorpion Dennis the Menace! He's usually the one to greet me first, and steal the other's food.

The touch tank is thriving right now with the likes of this Worm Pipefish, the popular Butterfish, and ever fidgety hermit crabs!


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  1. Great photos. Glad to hear you survived the ordeal of feeding time!