Saturday 7 July 2012

Festival of the Sea

Lorna and I had a fabulous time at the Festival of the Sea today. The rain seemed to drive everyone into the tent we shared with the RSPB and our ready band of volunteers were ready to greet them with a great choice of crafts, shop items and face painting. It was virtually non-stop all the wet day. Despite the weather, there were plenty of takers for our 'Exploring Sandy Shores' session. Many thanks to Fiona MacGillivray of Green Bug Productions and to Dave, Lynda, Niall, Isi and Riona for their assistance. We couldn't have done it without you. Thanks too to Ardbeg for the bottle of Whisky (won by Janice from Port Ellen) and to Emma McGeachy and Kirsten Laurie for arranging the marquee for us. We definitely needed it! The Brierton family won the Shark Quiz and Ellie from Port Ellen won the Paint the Stone competition. I'll post a link to more photos when I've finished uploading them. Well done to all! Here's to next year!

Anna with her mermaid's purse mobile and painted Shark face

Becky the 'Octopus'

Under the Sea

Seahorse and Starfish

Face painting in action

The face-painted 'twins'

Father Lasher

The biggest prawn we'd ever seen

Jellyfish face

Kate and Ben and their Basking Sharks

Lobster face


  1. Looks like a LOT of fun!! Great face painting! Think I would have chosen the "Under the Sea" design!!

  2. We had such a good time! I think Riona did that particular design. You would have loved it.