Friday 3 December 2010

The Shorefield Project.

The weather is truly horrible right now - a big cold southerly wind is carrying lots of sleet up the loch.  Yesterday suddenly seems a long time ago.  I had gone up to feed the Highlanders behind the Manse with James in the lovely sunshine - though the cattle probably did not think quite so highly of the weather.  The frost made it difficult to feed.  They get extra cake in these conditions - and run towards the pickup as soon as they catch sight of us. 
The two bullocks for the Shorefield Project are in the foreground in the picture above.  They have been sticking together since arriving.  Maybe we will get the opportunity to move them up to Octomore and dose them next week.  James has been too busy over the past days - the frost has made for extra work on the farm, and there has been a film crew at Bruichladdich distillery working on material for their new website.  James is very involved with that becasue of Dotty's Well - but that's another story for another day....

James then fed the heifers across the way before heading back up to the farmhouse with a big cask of hot water drawn from our flat- because all of his pipes had frozen.  The thaw has now set in.

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