Friday 24 December 2010

More snow and a few geese

I went to the Gruinart area this afternoon and took a few more photos of snow and geese although that wasn't my main purpose in going, which was to collect a dozen oysters from Craigens, as these, washed down by a bottle of champagne, form part of the traditional Christmas Eve supper for Carol and myself! On the way, there was extensive ice on Loch Indaal off the Strand. This is not, though, the sea itself freezing, but the layer of fresh water which forms on top of the salt water in very calm weather such as we've been having. It comes from the small rivers and burns running into the loch.
Today, there are the first signs of a slight thaw. It's been a balmy +3 degrees Celcius at the airport (where there's an official met station whose figures are published hourly on the web). Recent night-time temperatures have been regularly below -5 degrees, the lowest -7.2 degrees, though this has been exceeded in other places on the island according to people with outdoor thermometers.

Ice on Loch Indaal

The Gruinart Flats - where is the grass, where are the geese?
Well, here are a few Barnacles seemingly pecking in the footprints of the bulls whose field this is.

When all else fails for the Whitefronts, there's always the roadside verges! This was taken through my car windscreen so not totally sharp

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