Friday 3 December 2010

Fiona's Shells

Hard to believe, but yesterday, in glorius sunshine, Fiona MacGillivray was braving the freezing conditions on Kilnaughton Beach and came across a long-coveted treasure - a Slit Limpet (Emarginula fissura). Apparently she was jumping up and down for joy when she heard someone say 'Hello' just behind her! It was Mavis Gulliver who no doubt shared Fiona's enthusiasm - and little wonder; if you take a look at this website you'll see the limited distribution of this little beauty.

The shell can grow up to 10 mm long and 8 mm high and it says it's always white in colour, but maybe ours is a bit grubby! The arrow indicates the 'slit'. , the west might not hit the headlines when it comes to snow, but it sure is good for conchological specimens (that's shells to you and I!)


Fiona brought the specimen to the craft fair, together with her other finds and I was just as eager to see it - and now, to find my own! Thanks Fiona! Just look at this array of tiny beauties and tell me you don't fancy a bit of beach combing yourself!


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  1. The only certain Islay record in the INHT database is from Bunnahabhain in 1979 during a littoral survey carried out by the Nature Conservancy Council at a small number of sites around the coast.