Wednesday 23 June 2010

Swallows at Lorgba

A few years ago we had cause to replace the door to the sort of shed area beneath the steps that lead up to our front door at Lorgba. Swallows had nested in the interior and had been accommodated by our leaving the door open during the summer months, but this was not exactly the perfect arrangement for various reasons. So when the time came for a new door we had one made that left a gap at the top - a sort of swallow access hatch - and that has done the trick quite nicely.
Our pair were late arriving this year, and then even later in building a nest, but they have eventually done so, albeit not in their usual place. They have shifted the nest site from behind the cold water pipe above the door to behind some dodgy old ceiling insulation - which is much more difficult to photograph. The adults sit on the wall at the top of the steps, which is handy for shots however (although this one is from a few years back). No sign of any youngsters yet this year, but the activity rate is high, as are our hopes....

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