Wednesday 31 July 2013

Butterfly Fun Day - at the Centre

The Centre was full of caterpillars and butterflies yesterday, some living, some edible and some eaten! Don't panic, the 'eaten' variety were the butterfly cakes and the edible variety were the much healthier carrot and cucumber caterpillars which, for some reason, were easier to resist! Fraser won the caterpillar competition. It was a fun-filled day. Niall Oliver took folk out for the big butterfly count and Amory found some Cinnabar moth caterpillars which are now resident in the centre. Thanks to Niall, Jane and Lorna for their time and to Lynda for providing materials for the butterfly cakes - and to everyone who came for making it such a fun day.

Icing butterfly cakes

Cucumber and carrot caterpillars

Isi with her carrot caterpillar

icing butterfly cakes

Keira with her painted face

Face painting

Charlotte with her butterfly cake

Cinnabar moth caterpillars in the centre

Islay with her lobster (a diversion from butterflies!)

Fraser the champion caterpillar maker with his prize!