Monday 8 July 2013

Beautiful Seaslugs

A few weeks ago I wrote of the fantastic wildlife my mum (Becky) and I uncovered on a rockpooling expedition at Bruichladdich. At the time I didn't include the Sea slugs which were awaiting identification. It turns out there are many of these nudibranches, including some very similar species in our waters, making this a challenging task. However, we have done our best, and here are some photos for you to enjoy. I have also added a picture of our ladybirds which are now all in the chrysalis stage and shall be emerging very soon. We will then decide whether to keep the adults for them to breed so we can enjoy the whole cycle again!
Chrysalised ladybirds

Facelina bostoniensis - a gorgeous sea slug with  pinkish shimmering cerata. This specimen laid eggs while in our care, which can be seen here as a long white thread from its head and emerging out of its body.

Facelina bostoniensis with mating Acanthodoris pilosa x2 to the left. We also had a Facelina auriculata which I didn't get a decent photo of. This is a dainty little purple sea slug, also very pretty.



  1. The ladybirds are in a much more recognisable shape now to what most people associate with them given their final adult stage. Also, always good to hear about the wildlife in our rockpools. Such variety!

  2. Stay tuned for an exciting ladybird update! The great variety of life found around our shores never ceases to fascinate me.