Monday 6 June 2011

Welcome to Islay Evenings

The INHT has teamed up with Bruichladdich to offer a "Welcome to Islay" evening at the distillery.  We have arranged three of these events so far, one a month during June, July and August, with the possibility of further evenings during September and October if various staffing issues can be sorted out.
The format will closely follow the well tried "Visitor Welcome Evenings" which were run very successfully by the Islay and Jura Marketing Group for many years.  Sadly the Marketing Group does not have the staffing resources to manage their evenings this year, so we have stepped into the breach...

We hope to feature Ella Edgar's Highland Dancers and also some local singers and musicians, including pipers.  There will also be an overview of some of the many interesting places to visit around the island plus an illustrated introduction to our wonderful wildlife.

The ticket price to the evenings also includes a week's entrance to the Visitor Centre in Port Charlotte - and a very nice wee dram courtesy of our hosts..  We really hope you will be able to come.
Carl Reavey

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