Saturday 4 June 2011

Corncrakes and the Shorefield bullocks

The Shorefield bullocks are still enjoying their summer holiday in the field behind George's house.

We will be cutting up and packing the first two bullocks that were slaughtered on 18th May next week and then each  will be distributed to four customers as four equal quarters. 

Two more will be going to the abattoir on 16th June, and then they will be hung for three weeks which means that they will be ready for another set of customers in the middle of July.  We still have three 'spare' quarters from these second bullocks - so if you are interested please get in touch...  We are currently working out the best way of shipping to the mainland.

While we were up feeding them earlier today, we heard a Corncrake calling from the rough ground beyond the newest of George's two 'scrapes' that he excavated for duck and waders behind his house.

The yellow bucket contains a mineral lick which the cattle enjoy.  They probably don't need it from a dietary point of view, but they love the sweetness of it....

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