Monday 18 April 2011

Water cricket (Velia caprai)

Bruaich Jeraich.


  1. There are three past records for Islay, all made by a friend of mine who was here on a brief visit in June 1996. He found it at Ellister, on the Sorn, and near Loch Lossit. He also found it in several places on Jura and on Colonsay and Oronsay. It is probably quite common and widespread here, as it is across Britain, just not noticed very often.
    In Loch Lossit, he found a close relative, Velia saulii, which is widely scattered but much less common across the whole country. This is the only record so far for Islay. There are none for the other islands.
    The only certain way of distinguishing the two species is to examine the male genitalia (!), but if the central white spot is larger than the end white spot then this is usually enough to identify it, as Carl has, as Velia caprai.

  2. I love this photo! I've never seen one before.