Saturday 16 April 2011

Paul filling the tanks - we will be Open on Good Friday

Paul filled the tanks with lovely clear salty water.  We have now installed sand and rocks and the filters and air pumps are working.  We hope to have some sea creatures to put in before we open on Good Friday - Port Charlotte fisherman Paul Rennie is the man...


  1. Interesting to see how it is got together.
    When you put the sea creatures in does it take much time for them all to settle down?

  2. Hello Diana
    The local fire brigade ran a hose down to the beach where they had placed their portable pump and filled the two tanks with seawater. They kindly do this each year before we open. Then Paul will see what he can find in the way of creatures - hopefully small fish, crabs, starfish and maybe a sea urchin or two. They always seem to settle down immediately. We feed them of course. Usually on limpets and other small molluscs.