Tuesday 19 April 2011


Yippee!! I've been - thanks to Walk Islay. It was all very exciting, getting to my trig point, seeing the chapel and generally just having my feet planted where I have long dreamt of.

Anyway, there were lots of Drinker Moth Caterpillars again and I read a wee bit about them - how they get their name for instance. Apparently it's because of their tendency to drink dewdrops from grasses. Now I think Dewdrop Moth sounds much more romantic than simply Drinker Moth!

As well as an abundance of Dog Violets, Primrose and Lesser Celandine, we saw a couple of Red Campion - a wonderful splash of colour in an otherwise muted vista.

We also saw a few black caterpillars which I think are Peacock Butterfly.


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