Saturday 5 March 2011

Whisky and the Shorefield bullocks

Lots of boys like a wee dram, and the Shorefield bullocks are no exception.  They are given a ration of cownuts every day to 'bring them on', and also to get them used to, indeed positively enthusiastic about, human company.  This will make them easier to handle when the time comes.  The cattle nuts on Islay are made from 'draff' which is a bi-product of the whisky making here.  It is essentially the spent barley from the mash tun, i.e. barley that has had all of its carbohydrate converted into to sugars prior to being converted into alcohol.  The residue (or 'draff') is a sort of high protein porridge which can either be fed directly as a sort of wet splodge, or dried and converted into nuts - which is what you see here.
You can see Bruichladdich pier in the background.

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