Thursday 17 March 2011

Spring really is on its way - oh, and another gatepost!

Fiona told me she saw Wheatear yesterday at Persabus and today's goose counting was wonderful with a pair of Golden Eagles soaring on the Oa and a pair of Peregrines sitting on one of the stacks at Lower Killeyan, Lapwings wheedling (is that a word?) and doing their thing on the high road, daffodils blowing ever so gently in the breeze . . . lots of Pied Wagtails about and I've seen lots of hares around recently. I love it here!

There were also a lot of gates on today's rounds, so I took the opportunity to photograph another of my favourites (it's usually open so I don't have to get out to open it, but it wasn't today). It's got delightful bits of moss growing on the top and in the centre.


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