Saturday 12 March 2011

Has anyone seen any Lesser Celandine (Ranunculus ficaria)?

I am perhaps being a little impatient expecting Lesser celandines to be flowering by 12th March, but somehow I feel that they OUGHT to be cheering up our island by now.  This photo was actually taken in April 2003 near Bowmore...  Their leaves are just starting to show through in our very soggy garden.  I had hoped to have posted a few shots of daffodils by now too, but it seems we have hardly seen the sun since they swam into bloom a few days ago...

Gilbert White saw Celandines in flower in Selbourne during February - but he was living in Hampshire in 1800, which was before global warming had been invented.   Has anyone seen any on Islay so far this year?

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  1. I saw loads of them in the Peak District last week.