Wednesday 16 March 2011

Next Talk - Peter Roberts on the Serengeti Ecosystem

The Trust is delighted to welcome back Peter Roberts for our next talk at the Centre - on 29th March 2011.  Peter tells us he will be: "illustrating how wonderful the place is - a large, easily understood ecosystem that still has all essential bits in place - all the big game including the centrepiece of the wildebeest migration, plus all the other big game animals.  There are lots of bright and wonderful birds and of course the "Cradle of Mankind" with the Olduvai Gorge and Leakey's early hominids."

Peter has visited Tanzania 25 times, including 21 trips to the Serengeti conducting wildlife safaris.  It promises to be a great evening...

The talk will be preceded by our AGM, (which we have traditionally kept as short as possible!).  This will include a concise overview of the year, and giving members an opportunity to raise any pertinent issues.  Looking forward to seeing you there.

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