Sunday 27 March 2011

Am Boireannach a Dh'ith Bò (The Woman Who Ate A Cow)

 Shorefield Project to appear on TV....
The Caledonia TV director Les Wilson is pictured at Octomore Farm above Port Charlotte checking out some candidates to star in his new TV programme for BBC Alba.  The production will feature one of the bullocks from the Shorefield Project.
Heather Dewar

A documentary about how to cook and eat an entire cow is Caledonia's latest commission for BBC ALBA. 'Am Boireannach a Dh'ith Bò' (The Woman Who Ate A Cow) will feature Islay born artist and cook, Heather Dewar, as she reveals how previous generations ate animals from head to tail, never wasting a scrap of meat. Today, only half the meat from a carcass ends up on the supermarket counter - but not so long ago meals made of offal were welcomed by hungry families. The programme will follow Heather as she selects and buys a Highland bull, sees it slaughtered and butchered, and cooks all the parts that modern diners turn their noses up at.

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