Thursday 28 October 2010

INHT Wildlife Photography Competition - Last entries 31st October

The last day for entries to our Wildlife Photography Competition is 31st October.  We have had some lovely submissions, but this is definitely one competition where it is the taking part that counts...  In our opinion, many of the photos that have been submitted so far are worthy winners and George is going to have a frankly impossible task.  The standard is so high that it is surely going to come down to what appeals on judgement day!

It is our intention to put all the photographs entered onto a Flickr slideshow that can be accessed through this blog.
There is of course still time (three days!) to send in your entries - preferably by email to

The prize for winning will be a bottle of Bruichladdich whisky.

The rules are simple, anyone can enter (except members of the INHT Management Committee!), and the photographs can be of any wildlife-oriented subject, so long as it was taken on Islay.  It does not matter when it was taken - so if you have a great shot from yesteryear that is just fine...  You may enter as many shots as you like...

We really hope to hear from you

Best Regards
Carl Reavey

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