Monday 17 September 2012

Walk from Kintour to Tighnaspeur and back to Tallant

As far as the weather's concerned, all I can say is I'm glad we didn't attempt it yesterday! This was a circular walk from Kintour across relentless bog and ancient dùns to Tighnaspeur (Sky House) and back to the phone masts at Tallant. Not a long walk in terms of miles, but over very difficult terrain. It was thoroughly enjoyable and we saw lots of creepy crawlies! I'll miss Lorna's company on these walks - not many folk can say at the end of the walk, when discussing the ups and downs of the day, "but I liked the bog!"

Raven, Meadow Pipit, Robin, Wren, Long-tailed Tit, Blue Tit, Great Tit, Chaffinch (all at Tallant), Skylark

Red Deer (roaring)

4-spot Orb Weaver Spiders (lots), other spider spp, Violet Ground Beetle, Satyr Pug caterpillars, Marsh Fritillary web, Bombus pascourum (Common Carder Bee), Brown Leafhopper, Hoverfly spp,

Cladonia sp., fungi to be identified

Bog Pimpernel, Cross-leaved Heath, Bell Heather, Heather, Devil's-bit Scabious, Round-leaved Sundew, Water Mint, Goat Willow, Bog Myrtle, Lesser Spearwort, Tormentil, Milkwort

Female 4-spot Orb Weaver Spider on its web

Wall remains of Dùn Beag

Bombus Pascourum (Common Carder Bee)

Raven calling

Satyr Pug larva on Devil's-bit Scabious

Violet Ground Beetle

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